Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why Do I Have A Blog Anyways?

People (Who I assume are trendy) frequently ask me "Oh, do you have a myspace/facebook/xanga(seriously)/whatever?" So I'm forced to deny ownership of any of these means of personal expression. I say, no, but I have a website! And their faces droop, saddened by the realization that they won't have the opportunity to pry into my personal life, or whatever it is that motivates people to spend hours on myspace/facebook/xanga/whatever filling out little quizzes and messaging long chains of personal tell-alls to one another. I tell them of my website, I give them the address, and then they don't bother visiting, because a blog is somehow inferior or at least less entertaining than a social networking page.

On the one hand, it makes me a bit sad to see a personal connection swing and miss, but on the other, I honestly have no interest in most of the things that people who frequent myspace/facebook/xanga/whatever do. I actually do have a myspace, though I razed it when I realized I wasn't interested in vainly attempting to keep lines of communication open with people from my past. it's under "thejakeman16." I also started a facebook page, mostly so I could see all these relatives my dad keeps meeting over it. It's under my name, which you should know if you've been paying attention. Back to the point of this post, I have a blog simply because it seems like the best way to organize myself. And I hate things that aren't blogs. I even hate most blogs, especially when they get flashy, or preachy, or all personal.

I hate most things. :/

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