Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some Terrible Music

Just to prove that I have been making some, though not necessarily the best. My internet has again been down for some time, so I'm more or less using the same samples. On the bright side, I'm finally getting some sort of hang of using a synthesizer, as you can hear at the end of Amped. Bad habits to work on: Making a song that's really a couple of songs squished together. The style ends up being jarring. Also, don't change the tempo mid song. It just doesn't seem to work.

This song is probably the most presentable. I just put a bunch of piano together with synth and hoped for the best. On an unrelated note, isn't it interesting how the word hope and pray are more or less synonyms?

This one I'm most grouchy about. It started out as a "alright, let's make a metal song, and turned into a string of unrelated, but nice sounding, guitar bits. It's a slur on the Ulroch name. All the more reason to post it then. :p

Now, this one..... it started as some sort of slow Hip-Hopish beat, but then I was like, whoa, this sucks and I turned up the tempo and threw in a half speed music bed and some square lead. The result is kinda weird, but I like the synth. First time I feel like I really nailed a self made synth section without it sounding forced.

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