So yeah sometimes I make music.

That's kind of an understatement since I play music more or less constantly and have recorded about four albums.

I'm super weird and anxious about this kind of thing, though. I listen to a lot of great music and generally pick apart all of my music at all times forever.

Also this overly honest shtick is kind of boring. I'm not really a wrecked ball of anxieties, I just have this constant need to express myself as fully as possible, and music is one of the ways I do! And I think I'm pretty good at expressing myself.

I mean, My first album is titled "Fuck you guys I'm awesome"

Yeah I pretty much am. Ha ha.

Anyway here are my albums:
Fuck You Guys, I'm Awesome
I Dig Sex and Everything

And here's a few links to youtube videos I've made of my work of tracks that don't appear in my albums.
Electric Space Ghost
Oral Fixation

You can kind of find me at