I've been haphazardly involved in some form of games creation since I was 12 and had (way) way too much free time and no money and found rpg maker 2000.

However, it wasn't until march of last year when I read Rise of the Video Game Zinesters by anna anthropy that I combobulated myself enough to start making games or at least sort of trying to and mostly failing because I'm a busy person with no real sense of time management.

Point being here's what I've got so far:

Booth Babe: this here is a game about being at a games convention. Click your way past the sex objects so you can collect the sex game behind them!

Dungeon Quest: a twine game about spelunking dungeons in order to collect your sex reward.

User Generated Content: a twine game about particpating. No sex in this one sorry onanists.