Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Okay, Revamp Time

I read a thing somewhere about blogs and I decided to take its advice, which I'm not sure I remember. Anyway, this blog will now be updated weekly; on Tuesdays and any other day when I think of something. I also changed the layout to move the text an eight of an inch to the right and changed the background color by a shade, to reflect these troubled economic times, when people cannot afford to spend the extra electricity to keep this screen as bright a grey as it is. Hopefully you'll save approximately ten percent of your electric bill, which for me comes out to about $1.50. That dollar fifty can go towards other, more useful applications, like donating it to me.

Anyway. Expect new content from me rather more often. Instead of spending my time trying to be objective and talk as little about myself as possible, I will launch into full on opinion mode. Be prepared, ladies and gentlemen, for THE SPIN ZONE.

I am so totally clever and witty. People should pay me to mumble deprecating things about them.

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