Monday, March 9, 2009

New music!

Yay for creativity sparked by limited tools! One day, I'll have internet again and I'll go back to making super obvious songs out of samples. For now, I must dig into my own musical collection to snip bits out of and otherwise desecrate the original artist's work.

Incidentally, I found out I was wrong. Hip-Hop is not my most listened to music. Which means I'll have to go back to answering that question with "yeah, I like instrumental Hip-Hop, Eighties synthpop, and vulgar Post-Disco/White Rock-Rap fusion."

Do I sound pretentious?


  1. OHNOES! Not hip-hop! Just kidding! I like how your music is progressing. And no, not too pretentious! Say, you used to like weird forums, right? I know one that is owned by someone who was booted off of pp. You might enjoy it! Look for the banning discussion! haha

  2. Good lord, no. Sorry, I'm just not going to join anything permanent for awhile. I just haunt 4chan's /r9k/ board. as a horrible tripfag.