Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Metal Project

Metal project ver. 1.4 - thejakeman

I already posted this, but I did so as an awkward link to last.fm. This iMeem(sp) thing let's me embed the songs right here, which is what I was looking for originally. I have made a ton more songs in the last month or two, but they still need to be put though quality testing (getting my friend's opinion) before I'll feel comfortable posting them.


  1. Are you considering purchasing an account at LK's PP board? lampy and the other board users are hideously boring.

    I miss you.

  2. so you want me to come back? I
    ought not to, considering
    LK's low
    opinion of me.
    Feels like i need a break.
    Errors were admittedly made.
    really, perhaps i should just
    retreat from public view for awhile.
    Or not.

  3. Yes, I would very much enjoy seeing more of your posts at the PP board.

    Though, I can understand if you would prefer to take a break and let some of the dust settle. Everything is either very quiet and boring, or intense and aggressive. Nothing like the intellectual banter I was growing accustomed to.

    Well, in meanwhile, I'll be checking out your blog more often since it's going to my only source to get my thejakeman fix. n_n

  4. aw, that clever clue took me awhile to write... dang it.

    though i wonder if LK would let me come back as me. i should email him, but i'm afraid of the response. eeek! social interaction!

  5. Welp, that's that. LK left the reason as "If you're not shadow.... Too bad."

    Which is confusing the hell out of me.